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OS X Mavericks + Echange +

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I recently upgraded to the new version of OS X Mavericks and have been enjoying all the various new features ( power saving is pretty great ! ). But I found that my was behaving strangely while connected to Exchange 2010. Specifically it was not retrieving new email messages. I had to shut down the app and restart it to get a flutter of emails coming in. This obviously was not very convenient.

Doing a bit of experimenting I found that the problem lies somewhere in the “retrieve emails automatically” setting. Not sure why ( console appears to have no good errors ) but it is the culprit.

So if you are experiencing the same problem do the following

  1. Open
  2. Go to “Preferences”
  3. Set the “Check for new messages” to “Every minute”
  4. Watch email stream in

Here is a quick shot of the setting I was talking about